What’s On at the Club?

Club Nights for the foreseeable future:

Unfortunately we have had to cancel club meets for the foreseeable future due to the Coronavirus restrictions put in place by the Government and to avoid social contact, thereby helping to minimise the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus.

On-line club activities for the next 2 months taking place on Webex:
31st March – Ocean Divers OT4 Theory Lecture
7th April – Sports Divers Theory Exam
14th April – Ocean Divers OT5 Theory Lecture
21sth April – Talk on diving the Solomon Islands
28th April – Ocean Divers OT6 Theory Lecture
5th May – Ocean Divers mock Theory Exam
12th May – Ocean Diver Theory Exam
19th May – Talk on diving the Galapagos Islands

See our Dive Diary 2020 for planned diving trips. Note some of the trips earlier in the year have been cancelled due to the lock-down.

Jewel Anemones – Eddystone Lighthouse, Plymouth