2018 St Abbs

8 members of the club went to St Abbs over the May bank holiday 4th – 7th May 2018.

This is the first dive trip for the club in 2018 and we couldn’t of picked a better weekend. The weather was absolutely stunning. The sea was flat calm all 3 days although the water temperature was a chilly 5-7 degrees! The boat we had was a catamaran and nice and spacious especially with only 8 of us! The skipper made fresh cake for every day which was nice with a cuppa once coming out the cold sea! St Abbs is a charming village with a couple of pubs and a local shop. The accommodation very comfortable and run by the same people as the dive boat. The skipper does a fab cooked breakfast. Haggis included if you’re bold enough.

We had breakfast at 7:30 every day so absolutely no rush any of the days. Our first dive was Wuddy Rocks. This was 2 gully’s going in an S shape. Max depth of 15 meters. The second gully has a lovely current coming through it so it’s a good job there were lots of rocks around to hold onto!! Viz wasn’t great, everything looked a bit green but everything was covered in dead mans fingers! Second dive was Anemone Gullies – we only managed to stumble upon one gully whereas others did manage a few. Very pretty and the viz was a lot better here. In between the dives we found an amazing cafe at the harbour with brilliant cakes!

Sunday was another casual start and left the harbour about 9am starting at Tye’s Tunnel. This has a very tight entrance having to lift yourself up and over the rock and then down to the bottom one by one following each other. Only about 10 meters deep and about 30 meters long. Once out you follow round to the right. We managed to lose our dive buddy so up we went so a short dive but long enough in the cold! Everyone else had a lovely dive, seeing lots of things and the viz was a couple of meters. Second dive was Black Carr’s and we were Wolfish hunting! Most people didn’t see any but one or 2 did! Depth ranged between 12 and 22 meters. Viz was better here.

Last day! We managed to get out a bit earlier but not by much! We stayed close to the harbour (not that any trips out were far) and we did West Harmur, looking for more Wolfish. We didn’t manage it but everyone else saw them! This dive was 15-25m depending on which way you went. Viz was good in parts, not so good in others! Second dive we split up, 2 of us went off to dive Cathedral Rock (which we missed, oops,) but still lovely all the same. Everyone else did Ebb Carrs which they missed the wreck, but said it was a nice dive and one even ended up at Cathedral Rock! Throughout the dives there were a lot of crabs and lobsters, even some of the traps that helped lead the way!

Overall a lovely weekend and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Big thank you to Rod for organising a lovely weekend away!