2017 Chepstow June

Some of the club have been at Chepstow this weekend for a mix of diver training and some fun diving. The weather was glorious, blue skies and very sunny, perhaps a little too warm when dressed up in a drysuit.

Most of us stayed over in a very nice local hotel in Chepstow and made a weekend of it:
Colin, Maureen
Karen, Trevor
Dave B and Jackie

Joining us for the Saturday were Stu, Steve C. and Dave F. Steve C. and Dave F. did depth progression to 45+ meters with me. Stu completed one of his Dive Leader open water dives.
On the Sunday we were joined by Andy N. who completed his 35m depth progression with me – well done guys.

On the second dive on Sunday we done a 20 minute tour of the shallower attractions, then ended up on top of the containers for 40 minutes of skills practice, full mask clearing, buoyancy, LP hose removal and replacement, buoyancy, swapping regulators, buoyancy, sharing air, buoyancy, and deploying our DSMBs single handed in mid water. All good practice things that will assist us when things go slightly pear shaped.

Water was 17 degrees in the shallows dropping to a chilly 10 degrees down at 45m. So four good dives for those that stayed over the weekend.
All in all a very enjoyable weekend